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Gabriela brings men from Confusion to Clarity and from Stagnation to Results.
Gabriela is a certified life coach that specializes in men’s personal growth.
Her passion and devotion is helping men achieve personal and professional goals. She coaches men to push past limiting beliefs and to stop the cycles that do not serve them anymore. Gabriela incorporates into her coaching, “The Journey”, a globally recognized healing and transformational process that removes emotional blocks and awakens you to your boundless potential. Contact her for a free one hour consultation. 514 690 6000

Thank you Shari for leading the Mib group. Your professional and warmth approach, the cutting edge monthly speakers and the amazing women entrepreneurs are the winning formula for such an uplifting group. A place you go to learn, get inspired and motivated, receive support and guidance and generate new business.

Marcy Goldman is a Montreal-based cookbook author and master baker. The host of, she is the author of four cookbooks, including the newly published, When Bakers Cook. An avid tango dancer, Marcy is also a perfume reviewer and consultant, via She is currently working on her 5th cookbook and a tango memoir. A mother of three adult sons, Marcy treasures family, friends, words and wheat.

Testimonial coming soon

My practice offers Kinetic Swedish massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, Reiki, fasciatherapy, rejuvenated face massage, deep tissue and chair massage. My goal is to serve the client and assist in their healing and these techniques have been proven to do that.
Massage therapy always held an interest for me due to its inclusion of anatomy and physiology as well as the fact that your hands perform the muscle manipulation. I enjoy working with my hands and find the study of the human body fascinating. This career catered to these interests.
My mission is to promote healing through touch and bodywork as well as to educate and inspire you to greater health and wellness.

What a relief to be surrounded by supportive, creative, energetic women who only want what is best for each and every one of us! That’s the best breeding ground for women to flourish, grow and succeed in their respective careers. And MiB provides this. Despite having recently joined and attended only a few meetings, I have already made good friends and attracted business associates. I am so very grateful. Thank you Shari!

MiB connects me with women in business who never cease to inspire me with their individual energy and creativity. When gathered together at MiB meetings, lunches and events, all these individual energies combine to create a truly positive environment in which to make connections - thanks to the vision of Shari Reinhart, who had a dream and the courage to pursue it.

My work gives me immense satisfaction to help each individual realize their business dreams and goals. Their successes become a proud part of JpegCreations! »

P.S. A special thank-you to Shari for the opportunity to build the MiB Connections website and to continue to be part of the MiB evolution!

Chronic pain doesn’t stand a chance with the skilled techniques of Wendy Kennedy, co-owner of Montreal Muscle Activation clinic in Dollard des Ormeaux. Being highly recommended to Montreal Muscle Activation, pain sufferers come from near and far seeking the biomechanical expertise necessary to relieve their suffering from sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff issues, knee pain, back pain and so much more.
With 30 years under her belt and a true master of her domain, Wendy Kennedy freely shares her knowledge and expertise with her clients. After-all, the best recommendations come from the clients who longer need treatment and are pain free.

Wendy Kennedy continued her studies to include neuroscience brain re-patterning techniques, becoming one of the few certified educators able to instantly re-pattern the perception of stress and anxiety. Empowering others with the ability to reduce/ remove the feeling of stress and anxiety, as well as teaching the clients how to re-pattern themselves to be organized, centered, calm, motivated and have the ability to easy move forward in their lives and careers.

“A World Without Pain” is the mantra of Montreal Muscle Activation.

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