Get motivated. Business networking that supports women-owned businesses in their every endeavour.

Get out of your pyjamas, out of the house & get going!

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Become inspired! By other women just like you who are in your corner, cheering you on.

Build relationships that help you reach your goals.

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Believe in yourself. ... because you matter!

Business networking for women has never been more accessible or easy.

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Be the architect of your own career and join MiB Networking Group for foundational support....

MiB... Real people in real time making real connections!

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What it is:

MiB Power Circles take networking to the next level where everyone is a leader and each member is supported in their individual objectives.

  • … a small group of 6-8 women co-leading and co-creating to activate our individual goals.
  • … increases our harmonic power by cultivating a safe and supportive space to reflect, share stories and get things done so all can reach their potential.
  • … does not draw on outside speakers. We use the resources of the members to help forward- motion our activities and propel us ever closer to manifest what we are there to accomplish.

How the Power Circle meets its promise:

  • Co-Leadership: Because we are co-leading this means we all draw from our collective strengths
  • Confidentiality: This is a high value that we imply and expect members to respect
  • Inside training: Members offer their expertise and use their modalities to help meet individual and group goals
  • Accountability: Being held to one’s commitments is built into the program & individual objectives are tracked
  • Interactive activities: These will include brain-dumping, business matchmaking, Sense shifting, experiential activities, meaningful play etc

I have a much clearer picture of where I am at in my business and where I need to go. It has given me laser focus
AND such tremendous enjoyment to help these wonderful women. Our "circle time" is the best part of every month! Shari, I am forever grateful that you took a chance and included me! ~DR

Our combined experiences and the resources that we share have leveraged each one of us. I have found accountability, support, friendships and a sisterhood. These monthly meetings are strengthening me as a business leader. Things are already different in 2017. The MiB Power Circle is a safe growing environment for anyone ready for a challenge in their personal or professional world. ~NM

There is an undeniable fire that comes from being with like-minded people, and the Power Circle guarantees you access to creative, ambitious and smart women. You simply cannot go wrong. ~AN

I joined the MiB Power Circle because I was ready to commit to exactly the thing that was promised to me if I joined. Thanks to the tough-love support I get in meetings and on the Power Circle FB group page we follow up in between meetings I have gained immeasurably. I am stronger, more sure of myself, more efficient in my calls and setting up meetings, have worked on my branding and feel more confident than ever before. Best gift I gave myself in 2016! ~GT

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Count Me In! is for the wannabe, emerging, steady-on-her-feet female entrepreneur doing something with her pocketful of daydreams and it was written with you in mind. No matter what page you open to you will find just the practical and spiritual wisdom you seek; exercises to help you with your infomercial, your social brand, your website and how to network. We offer ideas about how to approach independent work, organize your office space and plan finances. You will read stories of women who share their why, how and what; you will likely recognize yourself in many of them. This book is about belonging. It’s about female entrepreneurship and the sense of community that comes with belonging to a networking group. It is about having faith in yourself as a woman entrepreneur, about building the courage to act on your big dreams and about networking standards today. Deciding to become an entrepreneur is a sacred choice that some people make after much angst and probably amid many naysayers. It’s a passport to the freedom and contribution people seek. For women who venture into it, this book is a soft place to land.

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Where we; 
Continue the conversations from meetings
Reinforce testimonials beyond meetings
Extend announcements to the wider networking community
Request and share resources (plumbers, babysitters, graphic artists, space to rent, tutors, if you need a doctor or lawyer or accountant ...)
All PAYING members with news related to them professionally or personally are encouraged to to keep the conversations alive here.
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MiBBiES What they say and what they do

Dear Shari,
At my first MiB meeting I told you I was not there to get new clients since most of the members are not in my target market - I just wanted a place to meet some other goal oriented women. I did get clients from MiB in spite of not having that as a goal, filled a few workshops, found awesome business contacts, mastermind partners but more importantly I have filled my heart!
Having always been torn down and stabbed in the back by other women it was safer for me to be a lone ranger. Until now that is. I realize how many of my TRUE friends have come from MiB connections. This week I posted how I had been crying and was stepping into some new, bigger and scarier stuff and last night several people said "Why didn't you call me!" This is a new experience for me and I am still getting used to being included in such a supportive network.
Thanks SHARI!!! Stacey Hylen
Visit our members page to meet everyone!

Nathalie Mailhot

Nathalie Mailhot

Master your Authentic Voice

Daniele Soaré

Daniele Soaré

We have been taught to make money…not to manage it!

After working for over 30 years in the financial industry, Daniele decided to share her vast experience by helping others. As a Financial Coach she is fulfilling her dream “to pass it forward”. Back in 1979 when women had been voting for less than 20 years, she was on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange learning the ropes and keeping company with the big guns.

Today she teaches and has a private practice that helps people by coaching them to understand further by empowering them to take back their powers. She says”enough with the financial mumbo jumbo”, let’s understand what we have and how to manage it all.

The industry is overspecialized and extremely complex which leaves us feeling discouraged about trying to understand it all.

She believes that with some key information, you will have a much better comprehension of your financial affairs and how the system works.

Alexa Nazzaro

Alexa Nazzaro

Aaxel Communicatons
Alexa Nazzaro is founder of Aaxel Author Services, known for its customized turnkey publishing solutions for beginner and established authors. An active member of the Canadian writing community, Alexa has served as a peer reviewer for The Writers' Union of Canada for self-published applicants, and facilitates publishing workshops for organizations such as The Quebec Writers' Federation.

Julie Anne Christoph CPC, ELI-MP

Julie Anne Christoph CPC, ELI-MP

Canadian Coaching Academy
As a Conscious Entrepreneur, Julie Anne Christoph knows that the way to profit in business is to align who you truly are with what you truly want to do.

Practicing this philosophy, Julie Anne brought the iPEC coach training program to Canada as its first International licensee through her company, Canadian Coaching Academy (CCA). She has since co-founded Conscious Changes, providing programs, business resources and a conscious community to soul-centered entrepreneurs.

As owner of CCA and co-founder of Conscious Changes, Julie Anne helps entrepreneurs share their gifts and talents professionally so they can create the lavish lifestyles they truly desire.